Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We are looking for Full Time Drywall Installers!

We are looking for Full Time Drywall Installers!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Paul Johnson Drywall Implements Initiatives that Expand its Labor Pool

Firm recruits 112 and re-hires nearly 100 skilled-workers since January 1, 2016 

Since January 1st Paul Johnson Drywall has been highly-focused on ensuring that our best customers can count on us to deliver on our deadlines. We began implementing major initiatives that have already allowed us to successfully recruit 112 new workers and approximately 100 workers were re-hired as permanent full-time crew members. Our growing crews are serving clients in Arizona and Nevada where some market segments are returning to pre-recession activity levels.

You may be wondering how we are doing this in such a tight labor market. Well, it’s pretty basic; we are offering every employee excellent wages and benefits, including paying the highest wages in its markets and providing all full-time employees with paid vacation, healthcare for them and their families, and bonuses for performance at the end-of-the-year. The firm’s new and returning employees include primarily experienced craftsmen who will serve as crew leaders and members. Adding the new employees has increased the firm’s permanent full time-crews in Phoenix by more than 20 percent.

“As you know, we continue to face significant labor shortages nationally and more specifically across the southwest, particularly in recent months as construction activity has been increasing. As a result, Paul Johnson Drywall is aggressively recruiting crews by offering the highest wages in the market and providing benefits that were previously unknown to crews in the drywall industry,” said Cole Johnson, President of Paul Johnson Drywall.

While these initial results are positive for our firm and ultimately provides our best customers with the confidence in knowing their deadlines will be met, the worker shortage will continue to impact the construction industry. That is why Paul Johnson Drywall is elevating its appeal to the current market workforce and working to attract brand new workers to a career in construction. In addition to these pay increases and new benefits Paul Johnson Drywall is engaged in apprentice training programs and is taking action to further build upon our seasonal worker program. 
“Our crews told us what they want, and we are delivering it. We are taking actions that will help us recruit and retain employees while also expanding our labor pool to ensure we increase capacity and are able to respond to the needs of our best customers,” said Johnson.

We are focused on this, and we are willing to do what it takes to do right by our customers and our employees.